Financial Advice & Information

It is not easy to borrow a loan if you cannot provide collateral and security. Borrowing money is especially difficult for people and businesses that have poor credit history. Traditional lenders like banks require lots of documentary proofs, collateral, security and guarantors before they even consider your loan application. It can be difficult to obtain a loan when you are unable to provide such security or have poor credit rating. Small businesses and entrepreneurs have to look for alternative financing options. There are various issues that businesses have to take into account when it comes to borrowing.

Extra information about alternative financing 

Bankruptcy Advice

You have to consider declaring bankruptcy if your business can no longer generate revenue and your expenses are more than the earning. Before you can apply for the bankruptcy, it is important to consult a bankruptcy expert to know your options. It is possible that in your case the bankruptcy can be avoided with a financial solution. The solution can be restructuring your business or using your existing business properties as security to borrow new business loans.

Corporate Finance

When you are operating a large company, you have to consider corporate finance options. It is a very broad term and its definition can vary from one country to another. It basically includes all techniques, decisions and activities related to a company's capital and finances. There are special corporate finance experts who can help you in this matter.

Financial Services

You will need different types of financial services irrespective of the size and nature of your business. Use services of a company that specialises in your type of business industry. It should be able to offer you excellent financial products, solutions and services.

Trade and Debt Finance

When you are involved in trading any type of commodities, products or services, you will need finances to run your business properly. There are trade specific short and long term loan solutions that you can use. You can borrow against invoices. You can restructure your debts using a new trade loan. There are different types of trade and debt loans available from lenders operating in this field.

Financial Law

You have to comply with all financial laws applicable in the locations where you operate your business. If you operate only within the national border, you have to worry about financial laws of only your country. However, if your business is operating in other countries as well, you must comply with financial laws of those countries as well. You will need services of financial laws consultants to handle such a complex job. Failure to comply with financial laws can result in penalties and even prison terms.

You have to think beyond brick and mortar financial institutions like banks. Now it has become easier to operate a business with the help of alternative finance options. At the same time, there are many risks associated with these options. You must be aware of all such risks when looking for alternative borrowing options. You can borrow or source funds through non-profit lenders, peer-to-peer lending websites, loan aggregator websites and crowdfunding. Take a look at all such options and use the one that meets your specific borrowing needs.